Jan 09,2020

Explosion-proof measures for battery and lithium battery

The safety of lithium-ion batteries has always been an important issue that plagues the industrialization of lithium batteries. The battery explosion accidents exposed in recent years are all caused by the use of lithium batteries. Compared with other types of batteries, this is determined by the special nature of lithium battery materials and processes. To this end, we should understand the knowledge of lithium battery explosion, we try to explain from the following three aspects. 1., the national standard stipulates that any part of the solid material within the battery is instantly discharged, and the distance that is pushed to the lithium battery above 25cm is called an explosion. The identification method in the experiment is: cover the experimental battery with a circular mesh so that the battery is located at the center of the circle, I .e. 25cm from any side of the mesh cover. If no solid part of the experiment passes through the mesh cover, it is proved that the battery has not exploded. Here, the "net" has a specific to show: the net wire adopts a soft aluminum wire with a diameter of 0.25mm, and the density of the net is 6~7/cm. 2. how to prevent lithium battery explosion All lithium battery explosions are caused by short circuit caused by battery heating, and the cause of short circuit and over charge, over discharge, positive and negative direct docking, electrolyte leakage and so on. Therefore, in the design of lithium batteries, the following points can be started: 1. It is forbidden to overcharge the battery to more than 4.2V; 2. It is forbidden to overcharge the battery to less than 2.75V; 3. An explosion-proof valve is installed on the metal shell; 4. Prevent short circuit in the process. The best way, of course, is to have a battery protection circuit board design. Although this will increase the manufacturing cost of lithium batteries, it is necessary for the safe use of lithium batteries. All regular lithium battery manufacturers can not avoid this design. 3. polymer lithium battery is the use of flexible packaging and polymer electrolyte made of a lithium battery products, under normal circumstances, the use of storage will not explode, unless man-made strong damage caused by its short circuit. In order to reduce the occurrence of explosion accidents, polymer lithium batteries are being used in more and more occasions. Although lithium batteries are still in the process of replacing other types of batteries, polymer lithium batteries have begun to replace ordinary lithium batteries in some areas.

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