Method for determination of carrier content in aluminium-doped silicon semiconductors

The CS series electrochemical workstation can be used for the testing of semiconductor or passivation film Mott-Schottky maps. By superimposing a fixed amplitude and fixed frequency AC disturbance signal at different DC potentials, the impedance values at different DC potentials are measured, and the depletion region capacitance Csc is calculated according to the imaginary part of the impedance. Finally, the Mott-Schottky diagram is calculated according to formula (1 or 2), and the carrier concentration in the semiconductor or passivation film material is calculated accordingly to determine the semiconductor characteristics of the material. Mott-Schottky formula:

Sample preparation and testing of three-electrode and two-electrode supercapacitor materials

1. Material preparation: supercapacitor material powder sample, polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion, conductive agent (acetylene black), binder, reference electrode, counter electrode, nickel foam, electrolytic cell, electrolyte. 2. Preparation process: Weigh sample powder, polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion, conductive agent and binder into a small beaker, mix evenly, repeatedly stir into paste, put into an oven at 80 ℃, bake into a semi-dry state, put into a tablet press, press into 150 ~ 300μm sheets, cut into 1cm2 electrode sheets, and put into an oven at 120 ℃ for drying. The dried electrode sheet was pressed onto nickel foam at 10MPa by a hydraulic press and used as a working electrode.

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