High and low temperature test chamber
  • High and low temperature test chamber

High and low temperature test chamber

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    • Commodity name: High and low temperature test chamber
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    Name and Model: High and Low Temperature Test Chamber


    Specification/Weight: Length 1000x Width 1500x Height 1100mm/About 250KG


    Power Supply: AC2200V Single Phase + N Line + Protection Ground Frequency:(50±0.5)Hz


    Power Supply Capacity: 5.5KW Maximum Current: 25A

    Main features: 1. Air conditioning channel: pressure balance port, adjustable air deflector, temperature sensor. 2. Structural strength of the bottom: the ability of the bottom of the temperature test box to make heavy tracks; ≦ 100kg/㎡ (load), the bottom plate of the studio is integrally welded with 4mm channel steel 3. Mechanical room: refrigeration unit, compressor water receiving tray, pressure discharge device, spare sample test power supply 4. Main controller (touch screen); Equipment accumulator (0~99999 hours, non-zero), over-temperature protection setting device, emergency stop switch, operation indicator light, fault indicator light, buzzer, USB interface, downloadable curve data with USB function 5. Insulation enclosure structure; Outer wall material A3 steel plate electrostatic spraying baking varnish inner wall material mirror stainless steel SUS

    box insulation material: 100mm high temperature resistant rigid polyurethane foam


    technical parameters: 1. test environmental conditions: ambient temperature is +25 ℃. Relative humidity ≦ 85%, under the condition that there is no sample in the test chamber 2. Temperature range -40 ℃-+150 ℃ (can be set arbitrarily) 3. Heating speed: 1.0-3.0 ℃/min 4. Cooling speed: 0.7-1.0 ℃/min 5. Working noise: A sound level ≦ 70dB(A) 6. Meet the test standard: ① GB/T2423.1-2001

    test A: low temperature test method ② GB/T2423.2-2001 test B: temperature test method ③ GJB 150.3-1986 high temperature test GJB 150.4-1986 low temperature test IEC68-2-1 test A: cold 7. refrigerator control mode: ①. The controller of the control system automatically adjusts the operating conditions of the chiller according to the test conditions. ② Evaporation pressure regulating valve ③ Compressor return air cooling circuit. The chiller system is designed with shock-absorbing and noise-reducing measures such as shock-absorbing tubes 8. Picture display function:
    • High and low temperature test chamber

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